Interview with Sérgio Almeida in the Jornal de Notícias


About Praça do Rossio N°59

Lisbon, April 1941. Nine days will change two lives forever. After fleeing wartime France for Portugal, Claire, a 17-year-old French-American, gets off the train in Rossio station. She crosses paths for the first time – in the most inauspicious of ways – with a young café waiter. Antonio, an aspiring artist (and pickpocket) in his free time, works in the Chave d’Ouro, a café that has become a hotspot for the plotters and spies flocking to the Portuguese capital. Antonio soon becomes more than a privileged witness.

While Claire waits for her family and the ship they are supposed to take to the United States, she begins a search for two refugee children who were separated by force from their parents – and who carry a dangerous secret. Antonio, shocked by the murder of a German refugee who had become his friend, sets out to discover who was responsible.

Their investigations – and their lives – intertwine as they discover that the disappearances are linked to something the Nazis are seeking in Lisbon. In a city filled with spies, intrigue and betrayal, having it in one’s possession could be deadly. But having to decide between love and duty could be even worse.