I’m delighted to announce that Rossio Square N.°59, my novel that takes place in turbulent Lisbon during WWII, will be released in English!

The ebook will be available for pre-order soon, and both the paperback and ebook will be on sale in March 2020. I’ll keep you posted on the exact dates via Facebook, Twitter and my website, and would really appreciate your shares.

In the meantime, I’m more than thrilled to reveal my new cover. It’s the work of my photographer/3D/Photoshop whiz brother Mark, who’s come up with an image I think beautifully evokes the troubled, unsettled nature of the times.

So, without further ado:

Are you ready?

Take a look!


Cover of novel 'Rossio Square N.°59'


About the book

April 1941: After fleeing wartime France alone, seventeen-year-old Claire arrives in Lisbon to stay with her less-than-welcoming uncle. While she waits desperately for her family and the ship they’re supposed to take to America, she begins a search for two young refugee children she’d promised to take care of, who have gone missing.

Antonio, an aspiring artist and occasional pickpocket, waits tables in the Chave d’Ouro, a Lisbon café that’s a hotspot for the plotters and spies flocking to Portugal’s capital. But when a German refugee he’s befriended is dragged out of the café and murdered, Antonio sets out to discover who is responsible.

Despite an inauspicious first encounter between Claire and Antonio, their investigations – and their lives – intertwine as they discover that the disappearances are linked to a secret in Lisbon that the Nazis are willing to kill for.

Set in a city filled with intrigue and betrayal, Rossio Square N.°59 is a story of lost dreams, infinite hope, and two people caught up in change they never sought or wanted.

Praça do Rossio, N. °59 is already available in Portuguese (with an equally fantastic but totally different cover!) in paperback and as an ebook.


About the author

Jeannine Johnson Maia has worked in Belgium and Washington, DC, as a journalist/editor for Reuters, Agence France Presse, and National Public Radio; served as a press specialist at the U.S. Mission to the European Union in Brussels; studied in the United States and Italy; taught English in France; and lived in Cape Verde. She calls Porto, Portugal – a city she finds irresistibly photogenic – home.