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My big news for 2023 is that my next novel will be published in April, in Portuguese, by Editorial Presença! I can’t wait for you to read it. It’s set in 19th century Portugal, just as Gustave Eiffel (he of Eiffel Tower fame) is finishing a magnificent bridge over the Douro.

It’s the story of Henrique, a young man who is thrilled to be fleeing the harsh conditions of life far upriver among the vineyards of a Port wine estate. Behind him is a searing betrayal he wants to forget. Ahead of him is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in a goldsmith’s shop – or so he thinks. He arrives in Porto with big dreams, but soon finds that nothing goes as planned.

If you you’re intrigued, watch this video that I made on November 4, 2022, exactly 145 years after the Eiffel bridge was inaugurated. (
I’ll have more to tell you soon (and hopefully have information on an English version too.)

Stay tuned!


Rossio book cover image
Rossio book cover image

And there's many many more to come!

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