Jeannine Johnson Maia

Rossio Square N.°59

In a city filled with intrigue and betrayal, Rossio Square N. °59 is a story of lost dreams, infinite hope, and two young people caught up in change they never sought or wanted.

Lisbon, April 1941: As Hitler’s army marches across Europe, 17-year-old Claire flees to Lisbon alone. But the Portuguese capital isn’t the safe haven she expected. When two refugee children she promised to take care of go missing, she sets out on a dangerous search to find them.

Antonio, an aspiring artist and occasional pickpocket, waits tables in a café that's a wartime hotspot for plotters and spies. When a German refugee he's befriended is murdered, Antonio knows he owes it to his friend to find out why.

Amid the chaos of WWII Lisbon, their investigations intertwine as Claire and Antonio uncover a secret that others have died to keep. What they don’t know is that it could cost them everything.

Where to find

The book is available in Portuguese here.